This is the process of purchasing our vehicles

  1. Please specify manufacturer, model, year and accessory(example AC) before requesting an estimate. If you choose FOB, please tell us your port.
Please tell us your name, address, telephone number, fax number and e-mail address when you choose either CIF or FOB.
The fax number is very important so we can send the documents.
  2. We will send you an estimate and an order from by fax after we examine a vehicle auction market that basis on vehicle condition.
When you request for an order after you confirm the content, sign the order form and fax it to us.
Please send 10% of estimate price in advance with a overseas remittance to our assignment bank, and please send us a remittance certificate by fax.
  3. We will look for the vehicles within an estimate price after we confirm the remittance.
We will supply vehicle cheaper than an estimate price if we could get the vehicle cheaper.
  4. We will send you a total estimate(FOB or CIF) and a contract by fax when we find the vehicles.
Please confirm this and sign the contract and fax it back to us.
Please send the money left over of the total sum immediately to our assignment bank as overseas remittance and send us the remittance certificate by fax.
  5. When we confirm your remittance we will make reservation.
We will transport the B/L after we confirm the reservation.
  6. If we could not find the vehicle you want, we will pay you back the money you sent us in advance and remittance commission.  
  7. If you can communicate with us in real time by e-mail or by phone, we can send you the pictures of the vehicle that you are planning to purchase.  
  8. The merit of vehicle auction is that it does not cost us storage fee and management fee, which is because they do not hold inventory.
We can get cheaper vehicles because we do not get charge extra.

  This is how the vehicle auction goes. 90% of used vehicle market is circulated by vehicle auction.
Normal cars, trucks, dump trucks, buses, the crane of the large-sizedindustrial machines and etc are exhibited in a wholesale market.
We alsohave new cars at the auction.
Many vehicle dealers go to the auction.
They look for various vehicles atthe auction.
The person with the highest bid wins the vehicle.
Of course the price will beup if alot of people want the same vehicle.
It is secure about the mileage because every vehicles are checked by a system of management.